Business, BS

Business, BS

Bob Jones University's accredited Bachelor of Science in Business is designed to give you valuable experiential learning in the most critical areas of a business while also providing key skills in communication, ethics, leadership, and global awareness.

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Why Earn a Bachelor of Science in Business Degree?

BJU’s accredited Bachelor of Science in Business is a fully online business degree completion program designed to fit the adult learner’s schedule. 

You will gain practical experience in the major areas of a typical business — finance, marketing, accounting, human resources and technology — and foundational courses promote communication, ethics, leadership and global awareness. Experienced and engaged instructors, many from BJU’s respected School of Business, teach every course from a biblical worldview.

Skills you learn will build a strong foundation for work and service opportunities, or they will just help you realize a dream you’ve kept alive for years.

Key Outcomes

Skills You'll Acquire:

As part of this program, you will develop a range of valuable skills employers seek.

  • Emotional Intelligence —  Identify and manage one’s own emotions, as well as the emotions of others; harness those emotions and apply them to tasks like thinking, problem-solving, and helping others. 
  • Leadership — Positively influence others by guiding and impacting outcomes, enabling groups of people to work together to accomplish predetermined tasks.     
  • Financial Management — Plan, organize, direct, and control the economic pursuits of a firm such as acquisition and utilization of capital.
  • Strategic Management — Define a strategy or direction, make decisions, and allocate resources to attain strategic goals.
  • Delegation — Entrust work to others, distribute workloads, and understand how to maximize the potential in constituents, volunteers, employees, and leadership. 
  • Customer/Client Service — Support and assist others in a way that maximizes the relationship while maintaining profitability, setting the bar for industry excellence. 
Careers You Can Pursue:
  • Medical and Health Service Manager
  • Operations Research Analyst
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Small Business Entrepreneur
  • Professional Sales Executive
  • Accountant/Auditor
Tuition Grant

S.C. Grant to eligible SCOPE students

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Why Scope?

Biblical worldview
Central in every course
Flexible paths
Tailored for your goals and schedule
Applicable to life
Learning experiences designed for real-life relevance
career advancement
Job-ready skills for your success
Affordable avenues
Cost-effective programs to achieve your outcomes
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In addition to the required major courses below, you will be able to select a 15-credit concentration in either finance/accounting or marketing. You’ll learn to improve your “soft skills” and how to address issues from a biblical perspective, which sets the program apart from other degree completion programs.

Our courses are offered in a short, accelerated format that takes about one half of a semester to complete. This format allows students to schedule two sessions of classes each semester, as well as each summer.

Because each student will transfer in a different number of credits, the required courses listed below and the time to complete the program will vary. If you transfer the minimum of 45 credits and take two courses each time courses are available, it will take about two years to complete the program.

Select a concentration:

Talk to a Pathway Partner to see if you may have credits that could apply toward electives.

  • Apologetics Elective (3)
  • Bible Elective (3)
  • Communication Elective (3)
  • English Composition Elective (3)
  • General Education Electives (27)
  • Humanities / Fine Arts Elective (3)
  • Mathematics or Science Elective (3)
  • Social/Behavioral Science Elective (3)

Talk to a Pathway Partner to see if you may have credits that could apply toward electives.

  • Bible Elective (3)
  • Apologetics Elective (3)
  • Communication Elective (3)
  • English Composition Elective (3)
  • General Education Electives (27)
  • Humanities / Fine Arts Elective (3)
  • Mathematics or Science Elective (3)
  • Social/Behavioral Science Elective (3)

Unlock your next impossible through an accredited bachelor's degree through SCOPE.

What's the Value of Completing Your Degree?

Increased Access to Job Opportunities: Graduates with a bachelor's degree see 57% more job openings than non-graduates.

Increased Earning Potential: The average salary of a bachelor's degree holder is over $10k more than a non-graduate.

Increased Job Satisfaction: A bachelor's degree can provide a higher level of job satisfaction than a non-degree holder. 

Perceived Value by Employers: Those with a bachelor’s degree are perceived as having additional hard and soft skills that are appealing to an employer. 

Increased Economic Stability: Unemployment rates of those with a bachelor’s degree have been about half compared with non-degree holders.

Better Equipped for Transition: Your degree will afford you increased flexibility for career changes that you desire to make — even for an advanced degree. 

Our Bachelor's Degrees Come with a Guide: Our Pathway Partners can support your next steps towards a bachelor's degree. They help you see the path forward, monitor your progress, and help you know what to do next.

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