Leadership Development Institute

Leadership Development Institute

Our leadership institute was created to bring together the core competencies to develop better leaders and equip them with the foundational skills for successful leadership across a variety of industries and teams.


of HR leaders rated the gap in leadership competencies at their organization as important or very important

Ethical Decision-Making
This essential skill is refined and applied through life's experiences. We offer practical programs built around the 13 categories of ethical decision-making for leaders and their teams.

Training in Ethical Decision-Making results in:

  • Higher employee job satisfaction
  • Increased legal compliance and rule-following
  • Increased organizational commitment and cooperation
  • Increased change management success
  • Increased attraction of high-potential talent
  • Lower employee turnover
  • Lower health care costs and legal risks
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Crisis Care & Counseling
SCOPE's team of certified counselors equips you with the biblical foundation and real-life applications to help people in crisis.

Through Crisis Care & Counseling training you will learn:

  • Increased empathy 
  • Biblical tools to minister to the brokenhearted
  • A greater understanding of the effects of trauma
  • A greater understanding of PTSD, moral injury, and other mental health issues
  • Suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention 
  • How to care for yourself as a caregiver 
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Skills-based training
SCOPE comes alongside leaders to assess the current and future needs of your role and help you gain the necessary skills to succeed.

Skills-Based Training can help you:

  • Enhance your value as a leader
  • Advance your career 
  • Increase your salary
  • Improve your leadership capabilities
  • Learn new, relevant skills for a fast-moving market
  • Gain practical experience that you can apply today
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People follow leaders they trust. We offer programs built on a biblical foundation and focused on refining the essential character traits of exemplary leaders.

Training in Character-Based Leadership results in:

  • Courage to handle challenges
  • Increased empathy across your organization
  • Leveraging the strengths and opportunities of your team
  • Building habits to succeed
  • Cultivation of a growth mindset 
  • The ability to motivate and empower your team
  • Higher levels of cooperation and increased accountability
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Personalized Leadership Programs for You or Your Team

Executive coaching provides personalized advice and the necessary follow-up leaders need to accomplish big goals and implement changes within their organizations.

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customizable programs for teams

SCOPE can customize our character-based leadership and skills development programs into a learning experience tailored for your team’s specific needs.

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MEET YOUR Facilitators And Advisors

Our facilitators and advisors are committed to providing the highest quality learning experiences from a biblical perspective so you can reach your academic and professional goals.

Meet Your Facilitators And Advisors

Successful teams never stop growing. Tell us about the opportunities for growth within your organization, and together, we will craft the best approach for your team.


Once we discuss your organization's needs, we will create a customized estimate and work together to find the right option for your team. 

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