Online Graduate Programs

Online Graduate Programs

SCOPE gives you a flexible, affordable, and achievable path—led by instructors who share your Christian worldview—to complete an advanced degree and equip you with the skills you need to succeed.

“Without a doubt, the training I received and the skills I developed in my graduate studies uniquely prepared me for a career that I still enjoy today.”

Theresa Case
Master of Music Education
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higher earnings for master’s degree holders compared to bachelor’s degree holders

We can guide you through the process—from planning and application to graduation. Let us help you achieve this milestone.

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Open Doors with an Advanced Degree

Are you ready for the next level in your career? Earning an advanced degree qualifies you for more specialized work in your field and paves the way to new career advancement opportunities, more competitive positions, higher salaries, and further levels of leadership. Whether you are preparing for a leadership position or to change careers, SCOPE’s online graduate programs give you advanced skills and knowledge to take the next step.

95 Years of Christ-led Education

For almost 100 years, Bob Jones University has offered students a quality liberal arts education from a distinctly Christian perspective. BJU has always been a place where God’s Word was believed wholeheartedly and taught unashamedly. SCOPE brings academic excellence and biblical truth together with graduate degrees designed to fit your life. You’ll learn from and network with like-minded professionals who share your faith.

Affordable Pathways to a Graduate Degree

You’re probably asking yourself, “Can I really afford a graduate degree?” To put this dream within reach of every learner, SCOPE prices our courses affordably with one of the lowest costs per credit hour and an array of financial aid options. We don’t want affordability to hold you back from investing in yourself and pursuing God’s plan for your future.

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Renee Hodge

A Passion for Education

Where I Started

We had played around with the idea of what would it take to start a Christian School in this area. The Lord brought people into our lives that had the same desire, so I remember having a conversation with Bodie, my husband, about the school.

Why I Needed SCOPE

As we were heading into our second year of school, we still couldn't find a school administrator. I was the ideal candidate, but the problem was I didn't have the degree to be an administrator. I was going to have to go back and get my Educational Leadership Masters Degree. I looked at a couple of schools that are out there for the program, but my mind kept coming back to SCOPE through Bob Jones because of the biblical worldview.

What I Wanted to Achieve

The SCOPE program taught me how to be a good leader. Not just any leader, but a leader based on the example of Christ's life. I loved how they always took us back to the Bible to look at the example of Christ. We should use that to then turn and be leaders to our staff and be the person that God wants me to be.

Renee's Story
Adriel Solis Pineda

Reaching a Community for Christ

Where I Started

In our ministry, we're currently working with a lot of Hispanics, and I found myself unequipped to be able to counsel them. That drove me to have a desire and a passion to better equip myself with a Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling degree to help them with their needs.

Why I Needed SCOPE

The reason why SCOPE works so well within the context of ministry is because of its flexibility. I'm able to take my classes, work with my family, take care of the ministry, take care of work, and do all these things at the same time without having any conflict with my schedule.

What I Wanted to Achieve

We have a Puerto Rican family who live in our neighborhood behind our church building. The man has several kids, and the lady that he's with right now has three kids, and not all three kids are from the same father. It just clicked with me, “How do I deal with people who, even though they are one home, all come from different broken homes?” That was the one thing that made me think about counseling. I wanted to help them in the best way possible.

Adriel's Story
Gabriel Rutledge
MA, Sport Administration and Coaching

Dealing with Difficulties


Coach John Shoffner invested in me as a basketball player at Webber International University. Years later, I returned to the program to be his assistant coach. When he stepped down, I took the opportunity to apply for the head coaching position. I thought I would be a viable candidate, but I was turned down twice. It felt like a huge setback. 


It was disappointing to realize my basketball knowledge was not enough to be a head coach at the collegiate level. I was told I needed a master's degree for advanced training in organizational leadership. The Sport Administration and Coaching program was flexible and affordable, helping me unlock what seemed impossible.


SCOPE helped me accomplish my dream of being the head basketball coach at my alma mater. It equipped me with the tools to guide my players in their relationships with each other and, most importantly, with Jesus Christ. I have learned valuable skills to lead others on and off the court and teach my players how to deal with their own adversity.

Gabriel's Story
Chapman Harwood
MA, Sport Administration and Coaching


Where I Started

I graduated from Bob Jones University with a BS in Sport Management in 2020 and played on the basketball team at BJU. My assistant coach suggested I go into the master's program, and I was inspired by my dad who has his master’s degree in Sport Administration and has worked in coaching and administration his whole career.

Why I Needed SCOPE

I am currently working as a full-time graduate assistant in the athletic department at Bob Jones Academy and as an assistant basketball coach at the university. SCOPE offers all 30 credits of my Sport Administration and Coaching master's online. The class structure fits my schedule perfectly. 

What I Wanted to Achieve

My passion in life is reaching as many kids as I can. I want to mentor them—in sports and in bigger ways. Eventually, I'd like to be an athletic director or maybe even a coach at the college level.

Chapman's Story
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