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Sport Administration and Coaching, MA

Sport Administration and Coaching, MA

Bob Jones University’s accredited Master of Arts in Sport Administration and Coaching prepares you for leadership in sports and athletic professions through research-based instruction and experiential learning opportunities.

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Whether you’re a professional personal trainer, a seasoned coach, or a team manager, you’ve earned practical experience in sports and sports administration.

Your experience working with athletes and clients has given you the desire to expand your reach and use your skills to do more. You want more out of your career, and you’re ready for a program that takes you to the next level.

Our sport administration and coaching program prepares you for leadership in sports and athletic professions. With both research-based instruction and hands-on experience, this program gives you the credentials and confidence you need for your next career phase.


Our program adapts to your timeline and your goals.  All courses are online, so you can adapt earning your degree to your busy schedule.

The 30-credit program helps you develop a philosophy of administration and coaching founded on biblical truth and cultivates Christ-focused service.

  • All courses are online.

Five required core courses work together with a long list of electives you can choose, allowing you to customize your degree to match your goals and interests. You’ll be connected to professors who are active professionals in coaching and administration in college athletics.

Course Description
Students will be able to:
  • Expand and refine their leadership and management skills.
  • Develop a biblical philosophy of administration and coaching.
  • Apply knowledge of curriculum and instruction in practical sport experiences.
Cost & Financial Aid

Sport Administration and Coaching courses cost $450 per credit.

The total program cost for 30 credits is $13,500.

To be considered for federal financial aid, talk to a financial aid counselor.

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Program Coordinator
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