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Online Degree Completion

Online Degree Completion

Have your life circumstances put completing your degree on hold? SCOPE provides a flexible, affordable pathway guided by caring mentors to help you finish this important milestone.

“Getting my bachelor’s degree was something I never thought I would do. I was a single mom raising two young daughters and hadn’t been to school in 20+ years. It was an impossible dream, and SCOPE made it all possible.”

Deborah Roy
RN TO BSN Graduate
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We can guide you through the process—from planning and application to graduation. Let us help you finish this milestone.

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Affordable Paths to Completing Your Degree

You’re probably asking yourself, “Can I really afford to go back to school?” To put this dream within reach of every learner, SCOPE prices our courses affordably with one of the lowest costs per credit hour and an array of financial aid options. We don’t want affordability to hold you back from finishing your degree and pursuing God’s plan for your future.

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Do you have a unique situation? Are you unsure if you have the time or can accomplish this milestone? Our Pathway Partners are encouraging listeners and will work together with you to support your academic growth and find the best path to finish your degree.

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Take the next step in completing your degree by exploring the programs we offer online. 

Grace Simonelli

From Waitress to Upper Management

Where I Started

I started school at Bob Jones in 2006, and I was not sure which path I wanted to go in my career. I changed majors a couple of times, and when I dropped out in 2010, it felt impossible to have a stable, solid career. It just felt so far out of reach.

Why I Needed SCOPE

Being a single mom, it seemed really overwhelming having to figure out childcare and attending classes. I really wasn't willing to give up time with my son in order to finish my degree. It was important to me to find something that was completely online.

What I Wanted to Achieve

Being in a management position made me realize that I needed to go back and finish my degree. Within a year of getting the degree, I was promoted at my job. It really unlocked the potential for me to go anywhere and for me to continue to work my way up within the company.

Grace's Story
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