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Professional Development

Professional Development

Today’s environment is changing rapidly. If you want to advance, you often have to learn new skills to keep up. Professional development keeps you and your team at the forefront of your calling, builds better leaders, and opens new doors of opportunity.

What is your goal?

Want to learn new skills to increase your value or further your professional capabilities? We offer self-paced courses accessible on any device to give you the knowledge you need to advance your career today. 

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Earn new certifications

Do you need to build your resume to take the next step in your career? We offer programs that teach and certify you in sought-after skills like project management and business communications.

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Ready for the next level?
Explore Advanced Degrees

A graduate degree can pave the way to new career advancement opportunities and further levels of leadership. SCOPE gives you a flexible, affordable, and achievable path—led by instructors who share your Christian worldview—to complete an advanced degree and equip you with the skills you need to succeed.

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Explore our key pillars:
Ethical Decision-Making

Making the right decisions in the midst of challenging ethical dilemmas 

Crisis Care & Counseling

Gaining wisdom to spiritually guide those in crisis

Skills-Based Training

Equipping leaders with the skills they need to win today

Character-Based Leadership

Cultivating trust through courage, integrity and a heart rooted in Scripture

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Is your team equipped to make today's tough decisions? Learn more

People are in crisis. Are you prepared to help them? Learn more

Do your leaders have the skills they need to succeed? Learn more

Is your leadership built on a foundation of good character? Learn more

Customizable Programs for Teams

SCOPE can customize our character-based leadership and skills development programs into a learning experience tailored for your team’s specific needs. In each program, our leaders bring to life the foundational principles teams need to communicate well, grow together in trust, make ethical decisions, and effectively lead those under them. 

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Executive Coaching & Consulting

Whether you want to achieve a targeted business goal, solve a specific problem, or just improve as a leader, executive coaching can help you make it happen. A coach provides personalized advice and the necessary follow-up leaders need to accomplish big goals and implement changes within their organizations.

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MEET YOUR Facilitators

Our facilitators are committed to providing the highest quality learning experiences from a biblical perspective so you can reach your academic and professional goals.

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