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BJU SCOPE exists for the benefit of adult learners looking to build on the careers they’ve already established or break into a brand new field. While we offer graduate programs and job-specific certificates, SCOPE is here for the undergraduate, too. If you’re hoping to get a jump start in college or looking to finish a degree you started, SCOPE has options for degree completion and opportunities to earn undergrad credits online. And every program sources its heart and material from a foundation of a biblically-informed worldview.

SCOPE offers an online education that is




With SCOPE courses and programs, you can complete your education wherever you are, whenever works for your active schedule. Whether you’re balancing your course load with a summer job or adapting your education to your family’s routine,  SCOPE allows you to earn college credit at your own pace.

For your career

The employment landscape is in constant flux. As industries shift focus, their employee base shifts, too, under the constant demand for specific skills introduced by new technology and other demands.  Whether you’re looking for additional job certification, advanced and specialized training for your job, or are hoping to break into a new career, SCOPE is there to help you reach your goal.

For your ministry

Further education can help you sharpen your knowledge and abilities, expanding your capacity to serve. As society shifts and new problems arise in churches and related ministries, it’s crucial to keep learning, studying current issues in counseling and deepening your knowledge of the Word.

100% online instruction from qualified, experienced professors

BJU SCOPE will connect you with professors who are active in the fields they teach. BJU faculty make it their mission to help their students reach their goals. You’ll find a perfect blend of compassion and competence in their teaching methods as they share with you real-world, on-the-job knowledge. They’ll invest in you as an individual as you tackle your assignments and plan for your future.

Our faculty share a common calling: to teach to the best of their ability for the glory of God. Your professors teach their classes from the standpoint of a biblically-molded worldview. Through BJU SCOPE, you can reach your educational and professional goals through instruction that aligns with your faith and supports your walk with the Lord. 

An affordable education

Education costs, no matter where you go to earn it. But with SCOPE, you’ll have the advantage of BJU’s tuition rates. U.S. News & World Report ranks us #2 in their list of Best Value Universities in the South—and for good reason. We believe the education we offer is the best among Christian liberal arts universities, and we work to keep that education accessible for all. The University continues to be in the top 7 on both the Student Loan Debt at Graduation and Social Mobility lists. Social Mobility is related to the success of graduating students from low-income households. We even offer discounts for current Christian school teachers, those in full time ministry, and others.

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