Dual enrollment courses enable you to earn college credit while you complete your high school education. Plus, with SCOPE, you can be sure that the Bible will be central to every course.

SCOPE facilitates the dual credit courses for Bob Jones University. For dual credit, contact your school administrator or superintendent to see if you are eligible.

Advantages of Dual Credit Courses:
  • Prepare for the rigors of college-level courses
  • Challenge and engage yourself academically 
  • Explore subjects not available in high school classes 
  • Save time and money by completing required college courses before graduation
  • Gain a competitive advantage in the college admissions process 
  • Smooth the transition from high school to college

of savings on dual enrollment courses compared with a semester of traditional college courses.

Jump start your college education and start earning credits now.

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Dual enrollment courses can save you thousands of dollars on your total college costs. Not only are credit hours less expensive, but you also save on room and board and program fees by earning credits in high school.
15 Credits
One Semester
$3,375 Total Cost
Tuition $9,875 $3,375
Room & Board $4,675 $0
Program Fee $975 $0
Total Savings
30 Credits
One Year
$6,750 Total Cost
Tuition $19,750 $6,750
Room & Board $9,350 $0
Program Fee $1,950 $0
Total Savings
50% Discount for High School Juniors & Seniors
High school juniors and seniors qualify for a 50% discount on all undergraduate courses taken during their high school junior and senior years. That means you pay only $225 per credit.
Jump Start Your College Education

If you’ve completed your sophomore year of high school, you’re ready to begin your college education with SCOPE. Each course has been designed to maintain SCOPE’s high academic standards and biblically faithful perspective. As part of Bob Jones University, SCOPE is both regionally and nationally accredited, thus you’ll be prepared for a successful college journey no matter where the Lord leads.


Please note: The decision of whether to count a college course for high school credit is the choice of the high school administration. Therefore, we recommend you check with your administration before beginning a dual enrollment course.

Placement Tests for 100-level Math or English Courses

High school students interested in taking a 100-level English or Math course (for example, En 101, En 102, En 103, Ma 103, Ma 105) should send a screenshot of their ACT or SAT scores to the registrar and then request official scores be sent to BJU. SCOPE requires these scores to ensure that each of our students is placed into the appropriate class and given the best opportunity to succeed. If an ACT or SAT score is not available, a placement test should be completed.

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