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Jan. 13

Leaders are responsible for those they lead, and will give a greater account to God for how they used their position in leadership. That’s why with BJU’s educational leadership program, you’ll learn not only the technical skills to be an excellent leader, but also the biblical truths that transform your character.

And with the program’s flexible option of distance learning available through SCOPE, you’ll be able to continue working where God has placed you.


BJU’s master’s program in educational leadership equips you to be an excellent instructional leader in varied educational settings.

You’ll begin your program by exploring the historical and philosophical foundations of American education. As you broaden your perspective, you’ll begin formulating and expressing your own educational theory, practice and philosophy of Christian school management. You’ll also learn how to implement the various business principles of running an educational institution, from finance to philosophy to personnel development to decision making.

In addition, you’ll explore educational technologies and learn how to use them in a variety of settings. You’ll learn how to construct tests and develop testing programs and how to interpret test results and other educational data so you can better meet students’ educational needs.

Throughout your time in the program, you’ll build your leadership portfolio with coursework and practical hands-on experience through the capstone’s action research project. Most importantly, you’ll be equipped with a well-rounded education from a biblical worldview that will benefit and guide you for years to come.

This program is designed to expand your skillset and extend your professional reach, but does not lead to state licensure. During your studies in this program, your faculty can advise you about pursuing licensure if that is one of your goals. 

Courses (33 Credits)

Flexible schedule

All courses are online

Designed for the busy professional

All of our courses are online and are designed for the busy professional. You will be able to listen to lectures, participate in discussions, complete practical projects, and take quizzes and tests at a time and place that works best for your schedule.


Each student will be able to:

  • Apply readings and research findings in areas of instructional leadership and Christian school management.
  • Acquire skills to initiate, supervise and lead spiritual, instructional and management principles in Christian schools.
  • Develop biblical based philosophies of instructional leadership and management practices.
  • Apply knowledge of content areas and curriculum goals to design, supervise and assess appropriate instruction in the Christian school.
  • Integrate appropriate technology and resources to support instruction in the Christian school.
  • Demonstrate skill in critical thinking, problem solving and leading stakeholders.


The BJU Educational Leadership program was a perfect fit for what I needed. While I had many leadership and administrative courses in my undergraduate program, the application to school leadership was a missing component. The focus the faculty placed on maintaining my biblical philosophy for Christian education was apparent throughout program. I was able to take what I was learning and immediately apply it to the school where I was working. The program is demanding, but flexible enough that I could maintain my ministry and family responsibilities and complete by degree in less than three years.

I am grateful for what I have learned through the Educational Leadership Program at BJU. Our school has substantially grown in numbers and in the educational strategy and vision that has been implemented as a result of the knowledge I gained from BJU. I am blessed and extremely thankful for what I have learned in the time I’ve spent in the online program.

Josh Sexton

Administrator, West Seneca Christian School

This program not only taught me applicable leadership principles surrounded with a Biblical perspective, but it was also offered in its entirety online. This allowed much flexibility as I worked full time and fulfilled my role as a wife and a mother. Even through online classes, the professors worked hard to make a personal connection with me and assure that I was learning effectively. The kind and compassionate attitude displayed by my teachers impressed me and my family.

Natalie Hardy

Elementary Principal, Florence Christian School

At the age of 58, I was a little nervous about taking online courses while serving as a pastor and headmaster.  From the first class to the final class, I discovered that BJU offers excellent professional training. The professors had strong biblical worldviews and genuine concern for students.  The textbooks will continue to be valuable to me as a Christian school administrator. The online classes normally required about 20 hours per week in study time. The cost was very reasonable, especially with a 50% discount for students who were currently working in a Christian school. 

Larry Reagan

Administrator, Central Christian Academy


Educational Leadership courses cost $450 per credit.

The total program cost for 33 credits is $14,850.

Financial Aid

To be considered for federal financial aid, talk to a financial aid counselor.

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Educator Professional Development Program

Students who are current teachers or administrators at Christian schools are eligible for a 50% tuition discount.


Our faculty for the master’s program in educational leadership all hold terminal degrees and teach in their fields of expertise. These experienced professionals bring to the classroom their varied experience—from being administrator of a primary school, to authoring and contributing to school textbooks, to presenting material at workshops.

Career Support

BJU’s Career Services office helps both students and alumni through career advising, resume preparation, job-search assistance, recruitment conferences and more.

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