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Chaplain Col. George Youstra [RET]

Executive Ethical Advisor

Chaplain Colonel, George Youstra is the Executive Ethical Advisor for the Professional Development arm of BJU SCOPE. Additionally, he currently serves as the Command Chaplain, United States Special Operations Command. He is also the principal and personal staff advisor to the CDRUSSOCOM, Directors, and headquarters staff in areas related to morale, morality/ethics, and spirituality. He directs the strategic global application and integration of religious diplomacy, policies, special emphasis training, and resources in the interagency and joint environment for USSOCOM. 
Chaplain Youstra spent the first 14 years of his military career in the United States Army where he was a Special Forces, Infantry, Military Police Officer and Chaplain. In 1998, Chaplain Youstra entered active duty as an Air Force Chaplain. He has served at all levels of the Chaplain Corps. Prior to his current posting, he was the Joint Staff Chaplain and chaplain to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Chaplain Youstra is married to the former Rose Workman from Normal, IL. They have two sons, George III and Taylor.

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