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K-12 Teaching and Learning, Undergraduate and Graduate Certificates



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Aug. 26

No matter where you started with your education or where you started as a teacher or administrator, the Certificate in K-12 Teaching and Learning will help you excel in your calling as a K-12 instructor. SCOPE’s Certificate in K-12 Teaching and Learning program is fully online, with every course taught from the perspective of a biblically-informed worldview. 


The Certificate in K-12 Teaching and Learning offers niche professional development for adult learners looking to add education credits to their existing degree. If you’re already teaching or wanting to teach at a Christian school, this certificate will earn you additional credibility as an educator. 

The courses available through SCOPE’s certificate program can provide the academic credits that all teachers must take in order to retain their certification with professional teaching organizations. 

Current Christian school teachers and administrators receive a 50% tuition discount

You don’t have to leave your work or family behind to reach your goals. Every course in the program is 100% online, taught by faculty who will engage with you through Canvas, our digital Learning Management System. 

SCOPE offers two certificates in K-12 Teaching and Learning: undergrad and graduate. Both programs contain the same quality instruction. If you pursue the graduate-level certificate, you can roll those credits into one of SCOPE’s online education master’s degrees. 

Through SCOPE’s online program, you’ll gain

  • Input and instruction from seasoned, experienced faculty.
  • Philosophy of education courses.
  • Classes taught from a biblically-informed worldview.
  • A capstone opportunity where you’ll work with a faculty member and demonstrate teaching ability.

Courses (18 Credits for both Undergraduate and Graduate)

Flexible schedule

All courses are online

Designed for the busy professional


Each student will be able to

  • Articulate a clear personal philosophy of Christian education.
  • Incorporate diverse teaching methods and strategies that are appropriate for encouraging successful student achievement.
  • Demonstrate appropriate planning and teaching skills in the K-12 environment.


Our faculty for the Certificate in K-12 Teaching and Learning have years of experience in their fields of expertise.

These experienced professionals bring to the classroom their varied experience—including teaching on every level from kindergarten, elementary, middle school, high school and college. They’ve written K-12 textbooks and research articles. And they’ve served as assistant principals, principals and administrators in Christian education.


American Association of Christian Schools

AACS has reviewed the K-12 Teaching and Learning Certificates (undergraduate and graduate) and will accept this coursework to count toward the requirements for AACS certification. Ed 275 and Ed 605 are approved for meeting the Christian Philosophy of Education requirement. The teacher is responsible for selecting courses that address identified deficiencies and meet the requirements for a certificate.  

A completed K-12 Teaching and Learning Certificate will satisfy the requirements for an alternate path to certification for teachers holding a bachelor’s degree in a non-education field, as long as the following courses are completed in the undergraduate certificate (Ed 275, Ed 305 or Ed 306, and Ed 380) or the graduate certificate (Ed 605, Ed 693, Ed 659 or Ed 678, and Ed 632). Those seeking a secondary teacher certification must also have 18 semester hours in each endorsed field (e.g. English, history, science).

Association of Christian Schools International

This coursework has been reviewed by ACSI to count toward the educational studies requirements of various certificates. Each teacher is responsible for selecting coursework that applies to their type of ACSI certificate (Elementary, Secondary, All Levels, etc.). Additionally, Ed 275 and Ed 605 have been approved by ACSI to fulfill the Christian Philosophy of Education requirement.

Georgia Association of Christian Schools

The GACS will recognize these SCOPE Teaching and Learning certificate programs for those having already obtained a four-year bachelor’s degree. Courses Ed 275 and Ed 605 will fulfill the Philosophy of Christian Education/Biblical Worldview requirement.  Each person is expected to select the courses that most closely apply to the certification endorsement they desire.

North Carolina Christian School Association

The NCCSA has reviewed the courses that are available through the SCOPE K–12 Teaching and Learning Certificate Program. Many of these courses can count toward the educational requirements of various NCCSA certificates. However, individuals are responsible to select the coursework that applies to their specific certificate available from the NCCSA Teacher Certification Program. In addition, Ed 275 has been approved by the NCCSA as an additional way for individuals to fulfill the Philosophy of Christian Education/Bible Doctrines requirement.

South Carolina Association of Christian Schools

After a review of the coursework offered through the SCOPE K-12 Teaching and Learning Certificate program, SCACS will count these courses toward the educational requirements of varying certificates.  Each educator is responsible for selecting coursework that applies to their type of PECS certificate (Elementary, Secondary, Specialist, etc.). In addition, Ed 275 and Ed 605 are approved to fulfill the Christian Philosophy / Biblical Worldview requirement.


Teaching and Learning courses cost $450 per credit.

The total program cost for 18 credits is $8,100.

Financial Aid

To be considered for federal financial aid, talk to a financial aid counselor.

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Educator Professional Development Program

Students who are current teachers or administrators at Christian schools are eligible for a 50% tuition discount.

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BJU’s Career Services office helps both students and alumni through career advising, resume preparation, job-search assistance, recruitment conferences and more.

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