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SCOPE (School for Continuing, Online and Professional Education) unlocks the pathway to effectively achieve your personal, professional, and organizational goals.

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Academic Programs

Whether your life circumstances have put degree completion on hold or you are looking for better career advancement opportunities, SCOPE has a flexible and achievable pathway to help you earn your degree and reach your next goal.

Professional Development

SCOPE offers customizable, character-based leadership and practical skills development programs for professional resume-building advancement and for leaders who want to gain new tools to equip themselves and their teams for success.


With a biblical foundation, SCOPE creates the pathway to achieving your next professional or organizational goal by equipping and training you to lead and succeed.

What make us unique
Centrality of a Biblical worldview
Reputation for success in career advancement
Flexible paths to learn or degree completion
of the US workforce will require training and reskilling by 2025 —
Grace Simonelli

From Waitress to Upper Management

Where I Started

I started school at Bob Jones University in 2006, and I was not sure which path I wanted to go in my career. I changed majors a couple of times, and when I dropped out in 2010, it felt impossible to have a stable, solid career. It just felt so far out of reach.

Why I Needed SCOPE

Being a single mom, it seemed really overwhelming having to figure out childcare and attending classes. I really wasn't willing to give up time with my son in order to finish my degree. It was important to me to find something that was completely online.

What I Wanted to Achieve

Being in a management position made me realize that I needed to go back and finish my degree. Within a year of getting the degree, I was promoted at my job. It really unlocked the potential for me to go anywhere and for me to continue to work my way up within the company.

Grace's Story
Deborah Roy


Where I started

I found myself as a single mom when my daughters were young. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to provide a good life for them and decided I needed to go to school to get my RN. 24 years later, I decided I wanted to finish my bachelor's.


I had to work full time, but this program was wonderful. I was able to do it a class at a time every seven weeks, and it worked out very well to be a working nurse and be able to further my degree at the same time.


I'm currently attending Vanderbilt University, pursuing my master's degree so that I'm able to be a nurse practitioner. This is going to allow me to treat patients all over the world, and that is just a privilege to me that I never thought possible.

Deborah's Story
Renee Hodge

A Passion for Education

Where I Started

We had played around with the idea of what would it take to start a Christian School in this area. The Lord brought people into our lives that had the same desire, so I remember having a conversation with Bodie, my husband, about the school.

Why I Needed SCOPE

As we were heading into our second year of the school, we still couldn't find a school administrator. I was the ideal candidate, but the problem was I didn't have the degree to be an administrator. I was going to have to go back and get my master's in educational leadership. I looked at a couple of schools that are out there for the program, but my mind kept coming back to SCOPE through Bob Jones because of the biblical worldview.

What I Wanted to Achieve

The SCOPE program taught me how to be a good leader. Not just any leader, but a leader based on the example of Christ's life. I loved how they always took us back to the Bible to look at the example of Christ. We should use that to then turn and be leaders to our staff and be the person that God wants me to be.

Renee's Story
Adriel Solis Pineda

Reaching a Community for Christ

Where I Started

In our ministry, we're currently working with a lot of Hispanics, and I found myself unequipped to be able to counsel them. That drove me to have a desire and a passion to better equip myself with a Biblical Counseling degree to help them with their needs.

Why I Needed SCOPE

The reason why SCOPE works so well within the context of ministry is because of its flexibility. I'm able to take my classes, work with my family, take care of the ministry, take care of work, and do all these things at the same time without having any conflict with my schedule.

What I Wanted to Achieve

We have a Puerto Rican family who live in our neighborhood behind our church building. The man has several kids, and the lady that he's with right now has three kids, and not all three kids are from the same father. It just clicked with me, “How do I deal with people who, even though they are one home, all come from different broken homes?” That was the one thing that made me think about counseling. I wanted to help them in the best way possible.

Adriel's Story

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