Faculty Profile for Brian Hand

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Division of Graduate Studies, BJU Seminary


  • PhD, New Testament Interpretation, Bob Jones University
  • MA, Bible, Bob Jones University
  • BA, Humanities, Bob Jones University


  • Biblical Hermeneutics (SOT 635, SNT 635)
  • Exposition of Revelation (SNT 619)
  • Galatians & the Pastoral Epistles in Greek (BG 303)
  • I Corinthians in Greek (BG 300)
  • Independent Study (STh 790, SOT 790, SNT 790)
  • Issues in Biblical Ethics (STh 882)
  • MA Thesis (STh 799)
  • Systematic Theology (STh 601, STh 602)


Dr. Hand holds the B.A. in Humanities, the M.A. in Bible, and Ph.D. in New Testament Interpretation from Bob Jones University and Bob Jones University Seminary. He has authored four books and numerous articles. For the past twenty years he has served several churches as a teacher, deacon, elder, and pastor; he has taught overseas in Ukraine, St. Vincent, Dominican Republic, and Mexico; and he has taught over 50 different New Testament courses in the past twenty-two years.

He believes that Seminary study ought to be academically rigorous, intellectually engaging, spiritually enlightening, and thoroughly applicable to life. In order to reach a wider group of students in American and around the world, he has created and facilitated numerous online courses in addition to his residence classes. He is an avid gardener and enjoys botany and hobby farming during his summers. He is married and has three children.