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Courses Starting March 6, 2023

We are excited about the prospect of your taking courses through SCOPE. Formal admission to BJU is not required to take a course by distance learning, and approval to take a distance learning course does not imply admission to BJU or to a particular degree program.

EAS 670: Pupil Personnel Services

3 credits

A survey of guidance services and their application in both elementary and secondary educational settings. Practical guidance problems are considered.

  • Dates: Mar. 6–Apr. 29, 2023
  • Register by: Mar. 3, 2023

How to Help People Change – 1986 Edition
Adams, Jay
Grand Rapids
Zondervan Publishing House
ISBN: 031051181X

Charting the Course: Pupil Personnel Services in the Christian School – 2nd Edition
Deuink, Jim
Greenville, SC
BJU Press, 2003
ISBN: 1579249698

The Heart of Anger
Priolo, Lou
Calvary Press, 1997
ISBN: 1879737280

The Age of Opportunity
Tripp, Paul
Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company, 2001
ISBN: 0875526055

Ed 638: Curriculum Development & Design

3 credits

This course is an overview of the history and theories of curriculum development and their application to K-12 schools. Designing and implementing effective curriculum and learning based on a school’s philosophy of education.

  • Dates: Mar. 6–Apr. 29, 2023
  • Register by: Mar. 3, 2023

Curriculum Leadership: Readings for Developing Quality Educational Programs – 10th Edition
Forrest W. Parkay, Eric J. Anctil, Glen J. Hass
ISBN: 9780132852159

Steppingstones to Curriculum: A Biblical Path – 2nd Edition
Harro Van Brummelen
ISBN: 9781583310236

Publication manual of the American Psychological Association – 7th Edition (optional)
American Psychological Association
Washington, DC
American Psychological Association

Ed 661: Assessment of Learning

3 credits

The appraisal of a student’s intellectual capacity and aspects of personality; the interpretation of educational data using descriptive statistics including frequency distributions, measures of central tendency and dispersion, the normal probability curve and graphs. Attention is also given to test construction and the development of a testing program.

  • Dates: Mar. 6–Apr. 29, 2023
  • Register by: Mar. 3, 2023

Educational Assessment of Students – (2019) 8th Edition
Brookhart, S. M. & Nitko, A. J.
ISBN: 9780134807072

Ed 690: Research in Education

3 credits

This course introduces educational research, statistics, and testing; and is designed to familiarize the student with the terminology, basic concepts and tools necessary to critique and interpret published research.

  • Dates: Mar. 6–Apr. 29, 2023
  • Register by: Mar. 3, 2023

Educational Research: Fundamental Principles and Methods – 8th Edition
McMillan, James H.
ISBN: 0135770106
Note: 2022

ME 502: Music Business

2 credits

An examination of the design, implementation and operation of a professional music business (e.g., the traditional and Internet-based private studio, music academy, recording studio, retail and freelance work). Topics include business planning, licensure, budgeting, technology, marketing, grant writing, publishing and copyright law. Students will develop and defend a business plan for their chosen music business.

  • Dates: Mar. 6–Apr. 29, 2023
  • Register by: Mar. 3, 2023

Start Your Own Business – 7th Edition
Markman, Marla, editor
Entrepreneur Media, 2010
ISBN: 9781599186290