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ED 275: Biblical Worldview Formation in Education

A biblical worldview is the most significant framework that a Christian administrator or educator can establish in his or her students. It is the fabric of the classroom, not something merely compartmentalized in a lesson. But how do you engage the necessary conversations in the classroom or with other educators for transformative gospel living?

Course Description

Dr. Bryan Smith, Senior Manager for Biblical Worldview Formation at BJU Press, has designed a new course for Christian educators. This three-credit course has been crafted to help Christian schoolteachers and administrators improve their skills in developing biblical worldview formation in K-12 education. After completion of this course, the educator will be able to:
  • Articulate the function and necessity of a biblical worldview.
  • Analyze the basics of a biblical worldview.
  • Distinguish a secular approach versus a Christian approach to education.
  • Develop a strategy for biblical worldview shaping in the classroom.
  • Design lesson plans that foster meaningful biblical integration in the classroom.
  • Develop instruction that is dependent on the biblical worldview scope document, using materials provided by a secular publisher.
  • Evaluate Christian educational materials.
  • Write a personal Christian philosophy of education.

Further Opportunities

Would you like additional K-12 professional development to enhance your skills in the classroom? The Biblical Worldview Formation in Education course can be easily integrated into SCOPE’s K-12 Undergraduate Teaching and Learning Certificate. This program is 100% online and every course is taught through the lens of a biblical worldview.


Biblical Worldview Formation in Education is available this summer at a special price of $360 for the course.