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Public Health, Undergraduate Certificate



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Jan. 13

SCOPE’s Public Health certificate program is a fully online micro-credential which can be earned in as little as four months. Every course sources its heart and material from a biblically informed worldview and is designed to fit the adult learner’s schedule.

The program uses real-world cases and problem-solving to help students think intuitively about public health. It provides a new way of thinking about health outcomes that will allow professionals to expand their outreach in health care administration or population health. It combines understanding of public and global health with management principles in population health to create a big-picture approach to improving health.


Students will develop a foundational understanding of factors that determine health outcomes both in the U.S. and around the world. They will learn how a public health approach seeks to improve the health of whole populations rather than individual patients. Students will analyze how government policies, the environment and socioeconomic factors determine health and create disparities. In coursework, students will design evidence-based interventions to improve the health of populations.

Courses (12 Credits)

Apply credits to BS degree

Designed for the busy professional

7-week schedule


Each student will be able to:

  • Develop a philosophy of public health that is biblically sound, scientifically supported, and consistent with best practices in the field.
  • Apply the principles of health promotion and disease prevention within the context of community health.
  • Analyze the influence of cultural, social, and economic factors on health practices from an individual and population health perspective.


Public Health courses cost $450 per credit.

The total program cost for 12 credits is $5,400.

Financial Aid

To be considered for federal financial aid, talk to a financial aid counselor.

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SCOPE’s experienced faculty is engaged with students in every course. You’ll find a perfect blend of compassion and competence in their teaching methods.

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BJU’s Career Services office helps both students and alumni through career advising, resume preparation, job-search assistance, recruitment conferences and more.

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