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Customizable Programs for Teams

Customizable Programs for Teams

SCOPE can craft a tailored program of character-based leadership and skills development to help you invest in the success of your most valuable resource—your people.

“I believe God has called me to this ministry to use the experience that He’s given me for 38 years and bring it together so you and your organization can pick and choose what you need to improve.”

Chaplain Col. George Youstra
Leadership Facilitator

higher revenue per employee than companies with less comprehensive training

Create the Perfect Mix for Your Team

Would your team benefit from a combination of courses and on-site trainings? Do you need a series of courses for employees at different levels of your business or ministry? SCOPE can custom-create a professional development program that meets the specific needs of your organization. 

Course Bundles

We’ll create a specific track of courses bundled for your leadership or employee development.

modules or workshops

We’ll build a series of training modules or workshops for your managers at any level.

Off-Site Leadership Sessions

We’ll design a leadership development training and travel to your event or retreat to facilitate it.

Keynote speakers

We’ll deliver an in-depth keynote speech on a specific topic for your sales conferences or events.

Explore our key pillars:
Ethical Decision-Making

Making the right decisions in the midst of challenging ethical dilemmas 

Crisis Care & Counseling

Gaining wisdom to spiritually guide those in crisis

Skills-Based Training

Equipping leaders with the skills they need to win today

Character-Based Leadership

Cultivating trust through courage, integrity and a heart rooted in Scripture

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Is your team equipped to make today's tough decisions? Learn more

People are in crisis. Are you prepared to help them? Learn more

Do your leaders have the skills they need to succeed? Learn more

Is your leadership built on a foundation of good character? Learn more


Successful teams never stop growing. Tell us about the opportunities for growth within your organization, and together, we will craft the best approach for your team.


Once we discuss your organization's needs, we will create a customized estimate and work together to find the right option for your team. 

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