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Ethical business leadership qualities are as much a vital part of your career journey as the qualifications and credentials you need to succeed.

SCOPE’s Ethical Leadership Institute provides top-tier professional development in biblical ethics and leadership to organizations across the Carolinas. Our solutions are unique — tailored for each client according to their needs and culture.

Leadership modeling integrity, moral behavior and ethical principles in relationships and in the workplace will have lasting positive influences and promote success of the organization.

  • Displays to investors, vendors and partners that they are trustworthy
  • Creates loyalty among customers
  • Boosts morale and spurs collaboration among employees
  • Develops an ethical culture in the organization
  • Loyal employees are an essential part of an organization’s success
  • Prevents ethical dilemmas and potential scandals
  • Produces positive media exposure

Having good people isn’t enough; ethical leadership is a skill that must be learned. Short- and long-term benefits for organizations and individuals alike are within your reach. Choose a 1-day seminar, a 6-hour course, or talk to us about custom corporate training.

Ethics is more than a matter of good intentions. Being a good person does not ensure that your choices will be ethical. Good intentions are not enough. Difficult ethical situations require the thoughtful application of particular skills — ethical skills especially necessary for leadership.

George Youstra

Chaplain, Col. USAF (ret.)

Chaplain, Colonel George Youstra

George Youstra leads the Institute’s core ethical training. As Chaplain to the United States Special Operations Command and personal advisor to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Youstra has seen the critical need for leadership and how ethical leaders can unlock performance in a world where ethical dilemmas occur more and more often.


1-day seminar and 6-hour course

It might be the most valuable day of your career.

These transformative seminars and classes will give you an ethical foundation that will serve you in all areas of life.

Biblical Ethical Leadership: full program

Deep dive into ethical leadership.

A series of project-based classes use 13 ethical dilemmas to provide deep, well-rounded, practical preparation for any situation you may face.

Corporate training

Customized for you.

We build training programs custom-tailored to your organization and the challenges you are facing today.
More important than finding the “right” answer is learning how to process and work toward the best decision. The Ethical Leadership program gave me the process and skill to find those answers. Without a doubt, the training I received and the skills I developed in my ethical studies better prepared me for the challenges I would face in my industry.
David Lovegrove
Chief Marketing Officer